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How To Find Affordable Cars In Edmonds That Won’t Kill Your Budget

How To Find Affordable Cars In Edmonds That Won't Kill Your Budget

Affordable used cars can be pretty easy to find if you know where you should be looking. However, you also want to find affordable cars in Edmonds that are also going to give you incredible quality for the amount of money that you are willing to spend.

Of course, if the quality is not something that matters all that much to you, all you have to do is a quick search for a cheap vehicle without paying much attention to the finer details. If you are like most shoppers, it is equally important that you are able to gain some insight as to features and safety technology on the vehicle to ensure a safe and operable automotive investment.

While you could always go to a junkyard, this should only be an option if you are looking to put in a ton of work. Not only that, but you need to have the skills and experience of a trained mechanic to get any of these vehicles on the road. The good news is that this is never an option that you have to think about when you have the selection of affordable cars available at Half Price Cars.

The staff at Half Price Cars is happy to show you all of the incredible vehicles that we have in our inventory at amazingly low prices. While there are plenty of used car dealerships that have a poor reputation when it comes to quality and dependability, we firmly stand behind all of the vehicles in our inventory. Not only that but our prices are low enough that you can enjoy a vehicle upgrade without having to worry about entering into a major loan agreement.

At Half Price Cars, we make it possible for you to own your vehicle outright. We have a professional staff that has the industry knowledge to help you find the perfect vehicle to meet your driving needs and whatever budget you have in mind. All you have to do is come by, tell us what you are looking for and what you have to spend. We can then set you up to take a few models for a test drive until you find the next vehicle of your dreams.

There are plenty of outlets that you can look to when you want a used car. Visiting Half Price Cars will give you access to affordable cars in Edmonds. Call (425)361-4466 for information on inventory.

Enjoy Spring Vehicle Shopping At Your Local Auto Dealer In Shoreline


Spring is the perfect time to start fresh, which is why so many people like to tackle spring cleaning tasks during this time of year. Whether you are the type of person to dive head first into spring cleaning or this is a time to refresh your wardrobe, you should know that this is also a great time to think about spring vehicle shopping at your local auto dealer in Shoreline.Auto Dealer In Shoreline If you are thinking about buying a used car, there are plenty of options available out there for you to choose from. While going with a private sale may seem like a good path to take, you never know exactly what you are going to get. Buying with an auto dealer that you can trust based on reviews and ratings will make a world of difference. There are also some helpful tips that you can keep in mind that will make your spring shopping go as smoothly as possible.

Finding the right vehicle this spring can be a challenge, so it is best to think about:

What Can You Afford?

Believe it or not, there are many buyers that look for a vehicle without really understanding how much they can afford. Not only do you have to factor in how much you will be paying for the used vehicle, but you also have to think about registration fees, insurance, and the regular operational fees such as fuel and maintenance moving forward.

Build A List Of Potential Vehicles

Do you have a specific body style in mind that you want to buy? Maybe you are looking for a hatchback with easy access to the cargo area or you want to find a car that is just right for your growing family. No matter what your needs may be, your local auto dealer in Shoreline will gladly listen to your wants and find the best options for you to test drive.

Take A Test Drive

The only way to truly tell if a vehicle is right for your wants and needs will be taking a look at everything and getting a feel for it during a test drive. Try to take a driving route that closely mimics that of your regular driving routine and pay close attention to how the vehicle handles. This is also the best time to check out the infotainment system and ask the dealer about the safety technology and how other elements work in the vehicle.

Regardless of your needs or your driving personality, Half Price Cars is your number one option for an affordable auto dealer in Shoreline. Call us today at (425) 361-4466 for more information! We have a vast inventory of used vehicles just right for your spring shopping needs. When you visit us, we can also show you how you can own your vehicle outright instead of having to worry about a big auto loan.

Visit Your Car Dealer In Seattle To Find A Car For Your Graduate

Visit Your Car Dealer In Seattle To Find A Car For Your Graduate

There is a lot of hard work that goes behind every diploma for high school and college graduations. This is why so many parents or grandparents like to reward the students in their lives with a car that they can enjoy for all of their travels. If this is a step that you are taking and you want to invest in a vehicle for a graduate in your life, you need to know what to look for at your local car dealer in Seattle.

What To Consider

You know you are proud of your loved one graduating soon so you want to reward them for their work and dedication. If it is a well-loved used car in great shape that you are after, you need to take a few things into consideration. As the buyer, you want to think about every aspect of the purchase so that you (and they) will get the most value out of the money you spend on a car.

Total Cost – The car that you buy has to fit into your budget but you also need to think of the potential ongoing costs that the recipient will have to think about. They will have to take care of paying for gas as well as insurance, regular maintenance, and any of the registration fees if you are not going to do that for them.

Safety and Utility – Safety should always be in the front of your mind, so look for a used car that has plenty of the latest safety equipment. You should also think about where the recipient will be going and if they are in need of a compact car for cramped parking spaces or if they will want to have a crossover SUV for adverse driving conditions.

Insurance – When shopping for a driver that lives with you, it might be a good idea to help get a lower premium by keeping them on your auto policy. Whichever you choose, good coverage is a must for added peace of mind.

No matter what type of a vehicle you may have in mind for your graduate, you can trust in Half Price Cars to bring you amazing inventory and low prices. We make it possible to buy a vehicle without the hassle of loan payments and we are available to assist in the selection process. All you have to do is come by to talk with us about the wants and needs your grad has in a vehicle and we will find the right option for your spending budget!

If you have a student graduating from high school or college and you are looking to buy them a car, trust Half Price Cars as your affordable car dealer in Seattle. Call (425) 361-4466 for more information.

Used Cars In Everett And Avoiding First-Time Buyer Mistakes

Once you buy your first vehicle, you will find that several cars will be in your future throughout the years. However, when it comes to that first-time buying experience, it is best that you do what you can to have the best results. You can find amazing used cars in Everett at great prices and it is all a matter of knowing how to tackle the task. These are some good tips that you can keep in mind to avoid first-time car buyer mistakes:

Mistake 1 – Not Setting A Budget

When you are looking for a vehicle, it is always a good idea to be sure that you have a solid budget in mind. Some shoppers make the mistake of shopping around based on what their payment may be on the vehicle when you have to look at the bigger picture. Instead of just the price of the car, keep in mind that there will be a transportation budget and you will have to factor in car insurance and getting the vehicle registered and ready to go.

Mistake 2 – Thinking New Is Best

While you may be tempted to hit the dealerships for brand new vehicles so that you can have something shiny, new, and loaded with features, you need to know that there are many used cars in Everett with plenty of bells and whistles at a lesser price. When you are able to shop with a reputable used car dealer you will have all of the inventory that you need to find the great infotainment systems, safety equipment, and special features.

Mistake 3 – Not Taking A Test Drive

Even if the vehicle looks amazing and it sounds good when it is started up, you really have to get behind the wheel to take a solid test drive to know if it is right for you and your driving needs. Take the time to drive a route that closely mimics your regular daily driving so that you can see how the vehicle handles. Check out all of the controls, see how the back seat is for your passengers, and always make sure that you have ample cargo space.

Regardless of your needs in a vehicle, there are plenty of amazing used cars in Everett when you shop with us at Half Price Cars. We make it easy for you to own your first vehicle outright without all of the burdens of regular payments. All you have to do is come by to talk with us about your wants, needs, and budget so that we can set you up to test drive a few options.

Whether you are looking for another vehicle or you are a first-time car buyer, you will find great used cars in Everett at Half Price Cars. Call (425) 361-4466 for information!

Be Kind To Your Budget With Affordable Cars In Lynnwood

Affordable Cars In Lynnwood

It can be a bit stressful to think that you are not able to get a newer car simply because you feel as though the budget that you have to work with will not allow it. When you work with the right dealership that has a quality inventory and smart pricing, there will be a bit of hope that you can drive away happy with one of the best affordable cars in Lynnwood. It is all about knowing your budget and working toward finding the right option to meet your needs.

As you look for a newer ride, there are some options that you may want to stay away from and factors that you have to consider while browsing. Arming yourself with this knowledge will help you to settle on the best vehicle at the right price.

Shopping Ads – While there may be a number of vehicles via a private sale in and around the Lynnwood area, you will often see that this ends up being a rather painful process to deal with. You never have any guarantees when you are looking at vehicles from private sellers. It is possible that you may find a vehicle that looks good and seems to sound good when you start it up but there could be a history behind it that makes it a non-worthy investment.

The Inspection Process – You should never leave any stone unturned when you are looking for a newer vehicle. As mentioned above, there are some cars that may seem great yet they have issues that you do not want to get hit with down the road. Even if you are working with a used car dealer, you need to have a good checklist to follow as you shop and you need to pay attention to everything when you are taking a test drive.

Mileage – There are times when you will see that going with a vehicle that is high on mileage but is in great condition will be well worth it from a pricing standpoint. There are plenty of high mileage cars that have a lot of life left in them that will not make it so that you go over your budget.

When you work with Half Price Cars for a newer vehicle, you will see that you have plenty of incredible options that will fall within your budget. We make it possible for you to own your vehicle without having to worry about regular monthly payments and high prices. Our staff will work with you to ensure you have an incredible buying process so that you end up with the ultimate automotive investment for your strict budget.

When you are on a budget but you need a newer car, it is best to look for affordable cars in Lynnwood. Call Half Price Cars today at (425) 361-4466 for pricing and inventory.

Is It Time To Upgrade Your Vehicle? Visit Your Local Auto Dealer In Western Washington

Local Auto Dealer In Western Washington

It goes without saying that you need to have a vehicle that is dependable and gives you an excellent driving experience when you are on the roads. But how can you tell when it is time to upgrade or if you should think about simply fixing the vehicle you are currently driving? When it is time to think about a newer ride, you can visit your local auto dealer in Western Washington to help.

There are a number of questions that will be well worth asking when it comes time to think about spending money on significant repairs for your vehicle or getting another ride. Not only that, but you may simply find that it will be more cost efficient to look for another vehicle. Things like the manner in which your vehicle is running and your current lifestyle requirements will all play a major role in your decision making.

Changing Family

If you are noticing that your family is growing at a rapid pace, having your truck or a compact car may not be the best option. You can visit your local auto dealer in Western Washington to see what you can do about getting another vehicle that will fit your growing family. This will mean looking at a minivan or an SUV that comes with more passenger room and plenty of cargo space to take along all of the gear for any of the outings that you have planned. By the same token, if your kids are growing up and they are not traveling with you as often, you can also think about downsizing to a vehicle that is more compact.

Driving Needs

Are you noticing that your long daily commute is taking a real toll on your wallet when you fuel up? If so, you may want to think about looking for a smaller, more fuel-efficient vehicle. You can also look at your options for a hybrid that will save you even more money at the pumps. Have you been planning more and more outings that call for traveling off of the beaten path? This is another reason to look for a different vehicle, such as a four-wheel drive, that can get you where you need to go.

Time For A Change

Sometimes you really don’t need much of a reason for getting a different vehicle than needing a change. Taking the time to shop your options for a newer vehicle at your local used auto dealer in the Western Washington area will help you to see what is out there and if anything calls to you as the perfect vehicle.

Working with us at Half Price Cars will not only give you the selection that you are hoping for, but we also have friendly customer service professionals along with pricing that is just right. Visit us today for a test drive!

When you need a dependable auto dealer in Western Washington, you can call Half Price Cars at    (425) 361-4466 for great pricing, a large inventory, and excellent customer service.

What To Bring When Shopping Your Local Car Dealer In Snohomish County

car dealer in Snohomish County

If you have been looking around to find a quality used car, the chances are good that you have done quite a bit of homework. There are many different body styles to choose from and what you may need out of a vehicle may be quite a bit different than what the next person will need. Knowing what you should bring with you and taking the time to prepare will help you to have an excellent experience at your local car dealer in Snohomish County.

One of the big advantages of buying your next car, truck, minivan or SUV from a used car dealership is that you can arrive at the showroom and then drive away just a few hours later with your new ride. However, there are many people that go into this process and are sometimes unprepared. Knowing what you can expect ahead of time and what you need to bring with you will be a big help in making sure that you have an experience that is rewarding, memorable, and hassle-free.

Bring Your Cards With You

Before you even settle on a vehicle to buy, in order to test drive any of the vehicles you will need to have your driver’s license with you. Many of the dealerships today will ask for a copy of the driver’s license before they let you get behind the wheel. When it comes time to buy, you will need your license as well as your insurance card so that the paperwork can be completed.


If you have a vehicle that you are going to be trading in, you will need to remember to have all of the important paperwork with you that goes along with it. It is generally a good idea to have the vehicle title as well as the owner’s manual and any paperwork that you have gathered pertaining to vehicle maintenance. This will save the dealership from having to go through to request another title from the Division of Motor Vehicles, as this is something that may hinder the timeline for processing your trade in. Of course, you will need to be sure that you completely remove all of your paperwork and personal belongings from your vehicle before you bring it to trade it in.

No matter what type of vehicle you are interested in, you will see that Half Price Cars has a fine selection of options at great prices. We make it possible for you to own your vehicle outright without having to worry about the burden of a regular monthly payment.

Half Price Cars has the inventory and pricing that you need in a car dealer in Snohomish County. Call us today at (425) 361-4466 to find out more about our current selection.

Tips For Enjoying Spring Road Trips With Used Cars In Bellevue

Used Cars In Bellevue

Whether you are going to be heading out with friends or you are planning a family adventure, you need to be prepared for your spring road trips. In addition to having a smart checklist, you can pick out one of the great used cars in Bellevue to serve as your new set of wheels for all of your driving needs.

Spring brings about warmer weather and many families start to plan out their vacations and weekend trips. These are some of the things that you should be thinking of before you hit the roads:

Schedule A Tune-Up – Prior to heading out on any road trip, you should think about having your vehicle looked at by your local repair shop. This will help you to be sure that everything is in good condition so that you can be safe and have optimum performance. Suggested services include checks of your tires, belts, air conditioner, and battery.

Put The Cell Phone Away – With all of the dangers that are involved with being distracted on the roads, it is best to be sure that your cell phone is put away in your bag or in a compartment of your vehicle while you are driving. If you use your phone as a navigation source, be sure that you have a proper holder so that you can remain hands-free.

Have An Emergency Kit Handy – During spring, trees are blooming and pollen starts to hit the air. Pack up some essential supplies for your road trips, including allergy medications and anything else that you may need in an emergency situation. Options to pack in your emergency kit include pain relievers, hand sanitizer, medications, bandages, bottled water, and granola packets or other snacks.

Travel With Pets Safely – If you are someone that likes to travel with your pets for spring road trips and outings, you need to be sure that they are also traveling safely. Think about outfitting your vehicle with a quality pet safety seat to avoid injury in an emergency situation. Also, make sure that you have plenty of fresh water and a bit of food for your pet when you take breaks.

If you are hoping to head out for spring adventures but you are hoping to have a different vehicle, there is no better time than right now to check out the variety of used cars in Bellevue at great prices. You can feel confident when you contact us at Half Price Cars that you will have the selection and pricing you need to make one of our vehicles your very own. We make it possible so that you can get behind the wheel of a newer vehicle that you can own outright without having to deal with monthly payments.

Whether you are looking for a beautiful sedan, tough truck, versatile SUV, or a family van, we will be happy to show you all of your options. All you need to do is come by and tell us exactly what you are looking for and we will set you up to take a few options for a test drive.

When it comes to reliable used cars in Bellevue, you can trust in our selection at Half Price Cars. Call us today at (425) 361-4466 for information on pricing and current inventory.

Tips For Selecting Your Next Family Vehicle – Look For Affordable Cars

Whether you have always been crazy about cars or you are simply enthusiastic about striking a good deal, the process of shopping for a new vehicle can be very exciting. When you are looking for a new family vehicle, you have a number of things to keep in mind. Not only should you be looking for affordable cars in Marysville, you should also be looking at capacity, style, features, and safety.

Once you know that you are building your family, you want to have a vehicle that will be easy for car seat installation and packing up any gear that you need to bring along with you. As you start to skin the dealership website, you will see that there are several things that become very important when looking for a new car for your family, such as:

  • Vehicle Budget – You will have a lot on your place from copays when you have doctor visits for your little ones all the way up to trying to save up for their college funds. While looking at a flashy car may be tempting, you need to stick with something that works well with your budget. Stay focused on overall vehicle cost, including the maintenance fees and what it will cost you at the pumps. The last thing you will want is to go with a vehicle that will leave you scrimping and saving to make ends meet.
  • Weigh The Options – One major problem that shoppers have is falling in love with the very first model that they look at. Besides the cost, you need to think about how practical the vehicle is for your family. Long gone are the days when you will be stuck with an ugly wagon or a boring minivan. There are plenty of incredible SUVs, minivans with all of the bells and whistles, sport wagons with great features, and crossovers that are made to take on adventures with your family. It is all about keeping your mind open to the various body styles and brands available to you in your price range.
  • Safety Is Key – Take your time to look at all of the reports on any of the vehicles that you become interested in during your search. There are plenty of reporting agencies that have all of the information that you need listed on their websites. You will find a wealth of used and affordable cars for sale today that come with the latest safety technology from anti-lock brakes and blind-spot monitors to parking assistants and rear-view camera systems. It is all about shopping around and doing your research.

No matter what you feel will fit your family’s needs best, you will find plenty of incredibly affordable cars in Marysville when you shop the selection at Half Price Cars. We offer you the opportunity to own your family vehicle outright without having to worry about the burden of monthly payments. All you have to do is tell us what you are looking for and we can set you up with several options to test drive.

Shopping for a new family vehicle means looking for affordable cars in Marysville. Half Price Cars has the selection you need, so call us at (425) 361-4466 today!

Looking To Trade In Your Vehicle? Visit An Auto Dealer In Edmonds!

Auto Dealer In Edmonds

If you have been thinking about buying another vehicle, it is only natural to begin to wonder about what you should do with the vehicle that you are currently driving. Before you even head to your local auto dealer in Edmonds for your next vehicle purchase, you should make sure that you have a plan of action in your mind.

As you plan your upcoming purchase, is the vehicle that you are driving in good shape? If there is some sort of value to it, will you be looking to try to sell it yourself or should you be thinking of trading it in?

The bottom line is that you are going to want to be able to get as much money as you possibly can for the vehicle that you have been driving. Many people will try to tackle the selling process on their own, but there is a lot that is involved in it. You will want to ready your vehicle for sale and then you will need to research a good price point to try to sell it. From there, you will have to take out ads and make sure that you are able to get the word out there for the car, truck, minivan or SUV that you are hoping to sell. When you want to be able to use the money from the sale to use toward the purchase of another vehicle, you never want to have it so that you are waiting for too long for the sale to happen.

You should know that you will have another option for getting the money for a down payment. Trading in your vehicle with your local auto dealer in Edmonds is a great way to do exactly this. The process of trading in a vehicle at your local dealership is a very convenient way to go through with a transaction that solves the problem of getting rid of your current ride and helping you to get the next vehicle you want to drive away in.

When you work with Half Price Cars, you will have the ability to view a vast selection of vehicles at incredible prices. Instead of having to think about entering into a monthly payment and having the burden of a loan, these are vehicles priced just right. You will have the dependability, functions, special features, and safety technology that you need without spending too much.

If you are looking to trade in your vehicle, you can talk with our staff at Half Price Cars about all of your options. We can be there to show you our current inventory and help to match you up with the right vehicle based on your needs and buying criteria. It is always our goal to ensure you have an excellent experience with us that results in you driving away happy in the vehicle you love.

When it is time for a new vehicle, trade in your old one at your local auto dealer in Edmonds. Call Half Price Cars at (425)361-4466 to learn how you can own your next car outright!