Half Price Cars Offers Affordable Teacher Auto Loans in Everett

Are you an educator in Everett, Washington? If so, we heartily applaud you. School teachers are very valuable members of society. In an ideal world, the women and men entrusted with our children’s education would cash weekly paychecks commensurate with those of professional athletes and television stars. Sadly, that’s not the case. We understand that many good teachers don’t have the cash or credit spend on a new car. That’s why Half Price Cars offers affordable, easy-to-apply-for teacher auto loans in Everett.

Teacher Auto Loans in Everett


Half Price Cars is the one-stop auto shop for Everett teachers who need a new used car. We always have a nice selection of low mileage cars for sale, and we’re happy to make special credit arrangements for teachers with less than perfect credit. In fact, We make buying a car with poor credit as easy as learning (or teaching) the ABCs.

Half Price Cars is a buy-here-lease-here car dealer. This means that you shop our dealership for the car that’s right for you, buy it from us, and make your payments directly to us, too. How easy is that? We understand how important it is for school teachers to own reliable vehicles. We always keep a nice selection of affordable cars for sale on our lot. You may view vehicles on our website, as well.

If you’re reading this blog in the middle of the night, you can still browse our online inventory and apply for teacher auto loans in Everett. If you see something you like, give us a call at (425)419-0150 in the morning. Visit Half Price Cars and we can make a deal. Let’s get you into a new car soon.